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As a woman, you have a lot to deal with. Heavy menstruation, irregular periods, pain, spotting, bloating and cramping, etc. should not have to be added to the list. However, for many women, it is added, and it can get worse if they do not get a proper diagnosis of what may be going on. Others, who have already sought out help and been diagnosed with endometriosis are left with unanswered questions and a heap of worry. That is, until they find a good endometriosis Singapore doctor to help them through it all.

The Questions Stop Here

Endometriosis is a disease that attacks a woman’s female organs. It is uncertain why so many women experience problems, but in short, abnormal tissues grow outside of the uterus and it is believed that it is a complication of a woman’s menstrual cycle not flowing out the way they should. Most often a woman who is suffering with endometriosis will have menstrual irregularities and pain as a first symptom. The pain may feel at first like PMS, but it does not go away. The symptoms may occur during intercourse or while using the bathroom. The pain may be located in the lower abdomen, the lower back, pelvis, vagina, or the rectum. As endometriosis progresses, you may have a feeling of being full all the time, you may have cramps, constipation or nausea. All of these things can lead to infertility or irregular uterine bleeding.
There are four stages that include minimal, mild, moderate, and severe. It depends on the amount of implants that are present and other factors as to which stage of endometriosis you are at. The sooner you get treated, the more effective a treatment you may have.

Treatment for Endometriosis

As a treatment option, your endometriosis Singapore doctor will help you decide which way to best handle your case. However, common options include using a heating pad to relieve pain and hormones if you do not have a severe case of it. If the endometriosis has progressed to stage three or four, excision surgery is a possibility to give you relief. The thing is, most doctors do not like to do surgery until there is no other treatment option available because it is a risky surgery if done more than once.

Who Is at Risk of Endometriosis?

Any woman who has a menstrual cycle is able to develop endometriosis. There are at least 5 million women who live with it in the United States alone. Most likely, there are more, but they may not be diagnosed. It is most likely to occur when a woman nears their 30s and 40s, but it can happen to a woman at any age.
The important thing for all women to know is that they need to have regular checkups and be honest with their primary care physician regarding all issues that they may be having. Endometriosis will be easier to treat if it is caught early on and it can eliminate a lot of suffering later if you seek out a specialist at the first sign of trouble.

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