Keep Public Restrooms Dry with a Smart Drain Floor Trap

Most of us have at some point walked into a public restroom and seen a dirty, grimy, floor drain that is discolored, moldy, and just yucky to look at. There is a purpose to these drains, but most likely you have thought that they could be done in a better way. Perhaps a way that would make them less gross? We say that you can keep public restrooms dry with a smart drain floor trap, and increase the beauty of that room while you’re at it.

Why Drain Traps Matter

When you have a kitchen, a bathroom, or any other area that may be exposed to water there is a potential for standing water. Standing water can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. It can also enable rot to form. In outdoor areas where you may feel that the sun will dry it up, you may still want to have a drain to simply aid in the absorption of water. In indoor areas like a bathroom or a walk-in shower, a kitchen, the sun will not reach the water as well. You need another way to dry it. A drain with a trap is the ideal solution.

How It Works

When water lands on a floor, it is likely to simply stay in a puddle. Small amounts of water are an inconvenience, but not really a major problem. A large puddle of water, such as a plumbing leak or a large spill, could be a problem if you do not find it soon enough. Instead of allowing that water to sit, you would have a drain in place for it to run to. This is why showers, sinks, and anything else has a drain.

A Better, Smarter Drain Solution

You can change the style of your drain and increase the aesthetics of your kitchen. The smart drain floor trap is ideal for any bathroom if you want to have a drain that blends in. It can also be used in other areas where water may be a problem. These drains may be brass, stainless, or tiled. They can have multiple holes for draining water or they may have just a flat plate and water drains around it. Either way, they are sleek and stylish. You get to decide which style you like the best. Which one will meet the overall style that you are trying to create?

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